the black book

“The Black Book” with Margy Love

Shane Ann Productions

I went to see my former student Margy Love in The Black Book by Phil Blechman, playing at The Sargent Theater. She was terrific, and the voice/speech/text work was excellent! “The Black Book” is a new play about an afflicted college student, Collin Archer, who secretly leaves a veiled suicide note in the form of a poem on the desk of …

Shakespeare voice and text class

Shakespeare Voice and Text Class

Shane Ann NYU Grad Acting

Last class with my NYU Graduate Acting Third Year students in Techniques of Voice and Text class. Their work this semester on their Shakespeare monologues was excellent. They put all of the pieces together – voice, speech, breathing, scanning the verse, using the techniques they have been learning for two years, and acting.  It has been a joy to be …

shakespeare app

Shakespeare App Coming Soon

Shane Ann Shakespeare

Finished recording the last 900 words for the Audio Shakespeare Pronunciation App. Whew! I am very exited that the Shakespeare App I have been working on for the last year with Louis Scheeder is almost ready for distribution.  We are finishing off the very last development steps and proofing and expect it to be on the Apple and Google stores …

As you Like It

As You Like It

Shane Ann NYU Grad Acting

It has been exciting to work on the OP (Original Pronunciation) production of scenes from “As You Like it”. The Workshop was part of the Studio Tisch Summer program. Pictured are some of the cast members.

Bedroom Farce Westport Country Playhouse

Dialect Coach for Bedroom Farce, Westport Country Playhouse

Shane Ann Productions

Fun job working as dialect coach for “Bedroom Farce” at the Westport Country Playhouse (already famous but made even more famous by Joanne Woodward as Artistic Director and her husband, Paul Newman appearing in shows there until 2008.) “Bedroom Farce” is directed by John Tillinger and stars Paxton Whitehead. Performances begin August 25.

Hudson Valley Shakespeare

Winter’s Tale at Hudson Valley Shakespeare

Shane Ann Productions

THE WINTER’S TALE By William Shakespeare Directed by Davis McCallum Hudson Valley Shakespeare A jealous king banishes his innocent queen and infant daughter in a surprising story of romance, revenge, and redemption that unfolds across seasons, generations, and nations. The epic canvas of the Hudson Highlands provides the perfect backdrop for this wondrous fairy tale of a shepherdess who turns …

Margy Love

Margy Love

Shane Ann From Shane Ann

Margy Love – I used to struggle with vocal strain and hoarseness and visited ENTs with inflamed vocal cords. The work I have done with Shane Ann over the last year, in her Voice and Speech program, has transformed my voice.  My vocal fold scans have been consistently healthy and clean and at my most recent visit to the ENT …