First Level – Voice and Speech Training

Voice and Speech Training

Voice and Speech Training

In the First Level of the Voice and Speech training, all of the sounds in American English are introduced and work is begun on eliminating regionalisms, and learning how to have clarity while not sounding phony.

The First Level voice work includes exercises on relaxation, breathing, and resonance.  As the Voice and Speech training continues, exercises include volume. Volume work is partly about being heard in a large theatre without doing harm to your vocal folds, as well as knowing how to shout or yell when you have numerous takes on a film shoot. Volume is also about how to use low volume and still be understood.

The final element in the First Level of Voice and Speech training is working on increasing the melody or pitch range of the voice. All of the melody work is connected to texts so that nothing is ever arbitrary. This melody work also leads the class in to text work – that is, how to make any text from commercial copy, to a film script to Shakespeare clear and interesting for the audience.

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“I am happy to have Shane Ann’s expertise and voice and speech training in my memory and to have the privilege of counting her good taste, good notes and good spirit among my influences. I have employed her voice and speech training for everything from voice-over work to Max Frisch to television sitcoms and Broadway.”Maggie Lacey
voice and speech training