Visiting Edi Gathegi - Mr. Terrific!

Visiting Edi Gathegi – Mr. Terrific!

Shane AnnNYU Grad Acting

Edi Gathegi and me and his wife Adriana hanging out in L.A. Just got a text from him saying that now that the strike has ended “Superman: Legacy” (where he plays Mr. Terrific) will start filming in March.  All that work on Techniques of Voice and Text at NYU Grad Acting has paid off! This is the latest feature film with …

Shakespeare Plays

My students Pronouncing Shakespeare using the App in their rehearsals of Hamlet and Macbeth

Shane AnnNYU Grad Acting

My First Year students in the Graduate Acting Program at NYU have been very enthusiastic about using the Audio Shakespeare Pronunciation App as they rehearse  “Hamlet” and “Macbeth”. They told me that at the beginning of the rehearsals, they used it every night to check the pronunciations of the unusual words and the character and place names in Shakespeare plays. …

Shakespeare voice and text class

Shakespeare Voice and Text Class

Shane AnnNYU Grad Acting

Last class with my NYU Graduate Acting Third Year students in Techniques of Voice and Text class. Their work this semester on their Shakespeare monologues was excellent. They put all of the pieces together – voice, speech, breathing, scanning the verse, using the techniques they have been learning for two years, and acting.  It has been a joy to be …

As you Like It

As You Like It

Shane AnnNYU Grad Acting

It has been exciting to work on the OP (Original Pronunciation) production of scenes from “As You Like it”. The Workshop was part of the Studio Tisch Summer program. Pictured are some of the cast members.