Celebrating Victor Pappas

Shane Ann NYU Grad Acting

The amazing Victor Pappas, Associate Chair of NYU’s Graduate Acting program is retiring. We had a fantastic party for him on Tuesday night. The speeches from the alums, the faculty, and his friends were wonderful and the anecdotes reminded us of how much he means to everyone. In my speech, I mentioned some of the reasons I love him. One reason is his ability to listen. He is a master at listening – it’s such a rare gift. He is a brilliant director. And so extraordinary with student actors. His production this semester of the combined “Julius Caesar” and “A&C” goes on my short list of favorite productions of Shakespeare. He is a treasure and I will miss him. As I said in my speech, my wish for Victor is from Shakespeare’s “Two Noble Kinsmen” – “To thee no star be dark/ May heaven and earth friend thee forever.”