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Meeting Cate Blanchett

Shane AnnFrom Shane Ann

I think everyone has a favorite actor but it’s rare to get to meet that actor. I did. I went to see “Appropriate” on Broadway which stars one of my former students from NYU Grad Acting, Corey Stoll. He was brilliant and the play, by Branden Jacob-Jenkins, is extraordinary and the whole cast is superb. Corey put me on the backstage list so I went back to meet him and who was there but Cate Blanchett!! To say that I was thrilled does not begin to describe my feelings.  It’s not just her acting but that voice!!

Corey Cate and me

I tell my female students that if they want an example of a woman’s voice that is resonant, and rich, and can be versatile (depending on the needs of the character), go watch one of Cate’s movies or if the opportunity arrives, see/hear her on Broadway.  And she could not have been more gracious, and kind. 

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