Private Voice and Speech Coaching

shanefrontsmall-150x150Private Voice and Speech Coaching (one to one) is available for working on a film script, sides for an audition, or a monologue. These sessions can be used to work on the voice and clarity of the text or to work on a dialect.

“I call Shane Ann when I have auditions for films as well as television. We have worked on everything including eliminating my original accent (I’m from the Appalachian region) to clarifying the ideas in the text, to working on an English dialect. I have gotten a call-back or have been hired to do the role for every script we have worked on.”

boydthumbBoyd Holbrook

“Trust her with your creative life. Her work didn’t just help me with the words written by others, it helped me deliver my own writing (jokes, solo shows) better. I can take really bad text (never mine, always others!) and make it look like human life. She taught me to mine the text and to surface with diamonds. If words and communication are your thing, Shane-Ann will “get” you for she, like you, is an artist. Verbally, she was the Yoda to my Luke. Wax on, Shane-Ann!”

dionflynnDion Flynn