Voice Training and Speech Classes for Actors

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Voice Training & Speech Classes for ActorsWhy would someone what to take my Voice Training and Speech Classes for Actors?

I was interviewing/auditioning an actor for my Voice & Speech Class, which begins this Fall, and I asked her why she wanted to take the class. She told me she had just finished the run of a play with a friend of hers who had completed my program a few years ago. My former student mentioned my class and her friend said, “When you are working on a role, what helps you the most – your acting training or your voice classes with Shane Ann?” Without a pause my student said, “What I learned in Shane Ann’s classes. I use her training all of the time from the beginning of the rehearsal process, through the run of the show.”

Voice Training & Speech Classes for Actors

It was an education for me to hear that. As a teacher and voice/dialect coach I know that having a resonant supported voice and understanding how to work on a text (anything from voice-over copy to Shakespeare) is very empowering for an actor but to hear that it helped even more than acting training made my mouth fall open!

Shane Ann teaches a first level class and an advanced level class.  She also offers a monologue masterclass and private coaching when available.

Please contact me if you would like more information on my voice training and speech classes for actors.

Classes are held at Pearl Studios, midtown Manhattan

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  1. I had no idea how much I did not know about voice and speech until I stepped into Shane Ann’s class – it is an amazing place!

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