Danai Gurira

Preview of “Measure for Measure”

Shane AnnRehearsals

Watching the preview performance of “Measure for Measure” I was again struck by the versatility, talent and stamina of the actors in this production. These are the same actors (with the exception of the beautiful Danai Gurira who is playing Isabella) who jump into their other roles for “All’s Well That Ends Well”.

I was at the preview to take vocal notes but my pen stayed fairly still. The actors are doing all of the things we worked on in the rehearsal hall. I have seen many other productions of “Measure” and I also worked as Vocal/Text Coach on another production. This is far and away my favorite. The director, David Esbjornson, is telling the story in a way that is clear (no small thing with Shakespeare!!), powerful, emotional, funny, and sexy.