Mary Poppins kids

Working with the Mary Poppins kids

Shane AnnRehearsals

The Mary Poppins kids I work with on the Broadway production are pretty incredible.  They range in ages from eight years old to twelve years old and when other children their age are out playing soccer or going to ballet classes or playing baseball, they are at dance rehearsals or blocking rehearsals or put-in rehearsals or dialect/diction rehearsals.  For such …

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins on Tour

Shane AnnProductions

Mary Poppins on Tour. Working as the dialect coach with the new touring company of “Mary Poppins” has been a joy.  I was in Charleston, South Carolina for the final dress and first two previews and the audience’s reaction was exciting to watch and hear.   The extraordinary cast is headed by Rachel Wallace as Mary and Case Dilliard as Bert …