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Shakespeare Pronunciation App – Coming in 2016!

Shane Ann From Shane Ann

Three years ago the idea came to me that my book “All the Words on Stage, A Complete Pronunciation Dictionary for the Plays of William Shakespeare” (co-authored with Louis Scheeder) needed to be in an audio format. I was working on a production of Shakespeare and I saw the actors with our book in one hand and their iPhone or iPad in the other. I thought we needed to make the book accessible on those devices. When I mentioned the idea to my students, they were so enthusiastic about the idea that I began to investigate what was needed to make it happen.  We are very excited that the Shakespeare Pronunciation App brings you, not only an audio recording of each word and its variations depending on how it scans in the line, but also the additional information about accents in Shakespeare’s plays, Latin words, scanning, and thoughts about the language.  Coming in 2015!

Shakespeare Pronunciation App